Letter to a missing father

Ma mère était hospitalisée ce 9 avril 1985 et quelque chose l’a inspiré… en anglais.

Dear Daddy wherever you are.
Mother told me you were so far,
You know I’m growing very fast
And I try to forget the past.
I do my best to be happy
Even if my Daddy is away.
I promise to be a good child
With the one you loved for a while.

If you could see my big blue eyes
That sparkle like stars in the skies,
You would love my nice blond hair.
I’m sure we would make a good pair.
I’m still young but I understand,
We can’t always live hand in hand,
So we must forget and forgive,
And for everyone have love to give.

Daddy, wherever you may be
Do you sometimes think of me?
I love Mom so much, don’t worry,
I’ll make her happy every day.
I love you and hope you are well,
For the future I cannot tell;
But remember just the same
That we both have the same name.